4 Values To Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🤗

I hope that you are able to spend time with the one that you love today. You deserve all the happiness that life has to offer.

A year ago, my relationships weren’t great until I figured out 4 values to building long-lasting relationships and made a pact with PUCT by embedding them in my heart.

P for Pleasure
U for Unity
C for Curiosity
T for Truth

Pleasure: Too often we get stuck in the dramas or necessities of life that we forget to enjoy it. Focus on creating more pleasure rather than pain. In a relationship, there is a threshold of pleasure to pain ratio, it will break once crossed. Is it possible to unbreak it? Yes, very difficult but not impossible — that’s from experience 😉.

Unity: If we simply do what we believe is right at the expense of the our relationships, then we have won the battle but have lost the war. Both are important and there are ways to solve the problems so that both can be satisfied, but the relationship comes first if you must choose one — because even if we accomplish the most amazing feats, they are pointless if there is no one for us to share with. This is how you can prioritize your relationship over anything else. 

Curiosity: The old saying “curiosity killed the cat” is better rephrased as “curiosity transformed the cat into a lion.” When you first met someone, you were very curious — you asked about everything. Over time, that curiosity goes away as you feel like you know everything and that’s when the relationship start to become stagnant. Always be curious with whomever you talk to.

Truth: This is the foundation that everything else builds up. If it’s shaky, it won’t be able to support the relationship. Sometimes, we are tempted and think that white/small lies are ok, but slowly everything deteriorates. Be an adult — talk about it and discuss openly if there are any discrepancies or misunderstanding and you will get an outcome that works for both as long as you focus on the problem, and not the people.

Learn more about the values at http://hp.guide.

I hope that the values will help you build long-lasting relationships with everyone that you meet, especially your loved ones. 

If you want some help with your relationships or anything else related to your power, happiness, productivity, and prosperity, just let me know or book a free coaching session with me at http://hp.coach

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