How Many LICS Does It Take to Gain Mastery in Life?

Just one.


To gain mastery in life, there are a few areas that you need to have absolute understanding and command of:

  1. Life: There are many theories about the origin of life, however that we began is interesting but keep in mind that they are theories and the truth is they are of no consequence in how we live it. Some theories leverage fear, safety, or purpose to turn them into truths. In reality, we don’t need any of that. It’s ok to begin without purpose so that you can define your own — that’s actually empowering even if it might not feel that way initially. It’s ok to die when our time is up, but you are definitely welcome to try to change that. Understand the truth that we are stardust and the materials that we are made of never actually die but changes to different forms in a neverending cycle of life and death. However, that’s only where we begin, how it ends is up to you — completely in your own hands and no one else’s. Appreciate the fact that you are conscious, act consciously to realize your dreams without fear or limits, and do good to expand the prosperity of humanity — that’s pretty meaningful. There can be many struggles and sufferings in life, but they are nothing more than obstacles in an obstacle course of life that you can appreciate as they help you become stronger and pave the way to define your unique identity.
  2. Identity: Who are you? Why do you do what you do? Most people don’t think too much about that until they have a midlife crisis or other traumatic events. Without knowing who you are, what you want out of life, and what everything means to you, it will be hard for you to achieve the outcome that you want as you are likely doing others’ biddings. Take some time for yourself to think about those things and explicitly define your identity, beliefs, values, purpose, meaning, personal mission, and dreams. What society or others expect isn’t necessarily something that you need to follow. That’s where it starts, how it ends is totally up to you so you can achieve the outcome that you want for your life. If you have a hard time defining your identity, then it means you haven’t experienced enough pains and pleasures of life — go out and do more. In order to create your unique identity, you may need to break down your existing primitive and societal identity, which can lead to suffering, such as depression — understand and appreciate that it is a part of the life journey. Becoming your authentic self is liberating, empowering, and necessary to realize your full potential. Your unique identity will guide the fine-tuning of your control.
  3. Control: What separates us from animals is our ability to have absolute and conscious control of ourselves instead of relying on instincts alone. That ability allowed humanity to achieve much of its greatness. The lack of that ability left many atrocities in history and likely more to come. Most people see emotions, thoughts, actions, and events are out of their control and are all tied together in a big messy world of life. That’s far from the truth. Each of those things is really distinct but your brain naturally ties them together as that’s how it has evolved to work. Just because it is how it works out of the box, it doesn’t mean it has to be that way. To gain absolute control, it’s critical to separate them. For example, you change yourself to feel excited or sad right now, which has nothing to do with any thoughts, actions, or events. The sadness associated with failure can be changed to appreciation at will regardless of the thought that failure does help you grow. Consciously change your emotions, thoughts, actions, and events and train your brain with associations that support you instead of destroying. You can decide to feel depressed, happy, or not at any moment or for any event — it’s really a choice. You can decide to think negatively, positively, or nothing at all about anything. You can decide to take any action at any time or not. They can be tied together or isolated. All of them are choices and skills that you can master independently so that they can be leveraged more effectively together. Absolute and conscious control will help you take your skills to new heights.
  4. Skills: All the steps in this guide are skills. Power steps improve your ability to gain unlimited energy. Happiness steps improve your ability to be happy every day. Productivity steps improve your ability to be productive. Prosperity steps improve your ability to be prosperous. Everything that you do is a skill, such as how you feel, think, and act. That’s wonderful as it means everything can be improved with effort and the right approach. Natural talent is where you start, but where it ends is completely up to you. Skills can be pushed to world-class levels using deliberate practice with passion and coaching. Identify the smallest unit of improvement, figure out the best approach, practice, rest, and continuously iterate based on feedback. Life itself is a skill. Learn to live a great life or let life push you around — the choice is up to you.

You might have noticed that all 4 areas have something in common, and that’s how things are today is where you start and where it ends is 100% completely up to you. Your life is in your own hands and no one else’s — no matter what happens in the world or what others do to you. That’s the essence of mastery in life.

If you have any questions or want some help to gain mastery of your life, let me know or book a coaching session with me at

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